The Sandwitches

Received a copy of The Sandwitches How To Make Ambient Sadcake in the mail last week and its been spinning on the turntable ever since. It's a hard nugget to crack, with those sweet girl group overtones and harmonies one minute then the slow burn of gothic folk the next. Their approach is eclectic in style but somehow ends up feeling like one big picture once you back up just a few feet. The dissolution of the American dream from the Shagri-Las to Box Car folk, dust bowl Americana to smoldering 70's arena ballad femme fatales; its all here and nothing is spared The Sandwitches delicate touch. In a blur of straw and taffeta the band works their way through an album's worth of free swinging and tight woven pop that leaves a cool shiver down your spine, assuring you something special just wafted through your life. Definitely one not a one off listen, it takes a while to peel back the layers of Ambient Sadcake but once you reach the golden center its all worth it.

[MP3] The Sandwitches - Fire
[MP3] The Sandwitches - The Revisionist

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I'm a regular reader of this blog for more than year & 1/2 and would like at this point to thank you for all your great work and effort. Keep on, your blues singing raven.

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