Real Estate - Live on the Radio

Real Estate's debut album has been popping up in shops and as the singles and early performances alluded to, it's a beautifully soft-edged ball of nostalgia and yearning. The band has struck out on tour with kindred spirits in mellow pop, Girls and the two packed NYC's Bowery Ballroom last week in fine fashion. The band brought with them a nice slab of merch table goodness in the form of a live radio session that features many old faces from their S/T album plus a couple of new tracks that make the purchase well worth your while to source out. All songs are given a (mostly) acoustic makeover highlighting Martin Courtney's bare, emotional lyrics outside of the ebb and flow of their usual bed of rosy reverb. Songs like "Fake Blues" and "Black Lake" seem to hit home even harder when the feel good quality of the production is stepped back a notch. Its still smacks of their positive energy but the sadness underneath becomes a bit more apparent. The band's definitely found their footing live, so if they're rolling through your town be sure to catch 'em and grab one of these limited 12s while you're at it.

[MP3] Real Estate - Black Lake (live)
[MP3] Real Eatate - Basement (live)

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