Pygmy Shrews

It seems that when major publications try to sum up that ole "Brooklyn Sound" it comes out as NPR-friendly indie rock with an intellectual slant (I'm looking in your direction NY Mag) but that seems to leave out the brutish reality of noise, skronk, psych and old fashoined rock that lies alive in basements and lofts all over the borough. Pygmy Shrews have risen from the ashes and currently smoldering pyres of this verdant underground, sharing ex/current members with Drunkdriver, Zs, The Fugue, Cutter, etc. and brought with them the spirit of hardcore, noise and unrelenting restlessness. They are a well needed shot in the arm, a slap in the face and a kick to the chest all in one; and much like their brethren in Drunkdriver they seem to be toughening the muscle of Brooklyn for attack. Melody, structure and wit are all enviable characteristics in song but sometimes none is more enviable than sweat-inducing, frayed and flung catharsis. Pygmy Shrews have plenty in tow and you'd be wise to spend a night slung in their open arms. The Egyptian is out now on Wantage.

[MP3] Pygmy Shrews - Shame Canal
[MP3] Pygmy Shrews - Please Brain Drugs

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So are we still liking this band despite the allegations of their drummer being a rapist?

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