Peter Walker - Rainy Day Raga
Somehow slipping through the cracks of celebrated 60's stringmen, Peter Walker has come back into the light most notably via the efforts of Tompkins Square Records. Unlike Kotke and Fahey, Walker's technique owed more to
the flamenco stylesof Spain and eastern modes of India than blues based fingerpicking. His modal style turned out to be the perfect fit for Timothy Leary's acid experiments at Millbrook and he became the resident music director for the estate. He only recorded two albums during the 60's but both would influence many artists of the current psych-folk revival (his influence on Ben Chasney becomes pretty evident after one listen). Prior to recording Rainy Day Raga he studied with both Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan and their influence would prove invaluable to his emerging style. The album is calm and pastoral but with a droning harmonic style that makes it easy to see why Leary was attracted to Walker's music and knowledge of Eastern tones. Following his second album Walker would bow out of the scene for a while and study up on his love of Flamenco, forming theories about its emergence in Spain through the importation of workers from India and Pakistan. Walker is now enjoying a resurgence in influence through releases on Tompkins Square and continues to write. This however, still stands as one of his greatest masterpieces.

[MP3] Peter Walker - Bianca
[MP3] Peter Walker - Rainy Day Raga

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