King Khan & BBQ Show

The King and Mark Sultan have been a formidable pair over the years and when the duo is keyed into the sweaty serpent of soul soaked rock n' roll they divine the true spirit of 60's frat rock shot through the cocked tube fuzz of every scrappy garage band from The Sonics through The Shadows of Knight. Now its that 60's frat rock streak that can sometimes get them into trouble, because while past classics like "Fishfight" can pair riffs with toungue-in-cheek humor, occasionally the boys take it far enough that the rhythm shakin' just doesn't line up with the yuks. Still plenty of boot scrapin', foot stompin' going on here with Invisible Girl but where "Animal Party" has some nice sway, the kitsch gets the better of the song. "Tastebuds" gets to be too juvenile to square itself with what starts out as a pretty fiery bit of riffin' and a few other songs just seem to be playing the formula from KK & BBQ book. Yeah yeah, I know seriousness was never the pair's strong suit but movin' my feet is, and it seems there are moments when my feet just get lost on this one. Still the band is a live behemoth (just behind KK and his Shrines who melt speaker wire like so much butter) and they know their way around the garage enough that I'm not about to start schoolin' the teachers but every once in a while the pudding just isn't as consistent.

[MP3] King Khan & BBQ - I'll Be Loving You
[MP3] King Khan & BBQ - Anala

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