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Excepter live and Excepter on record are usually two very different animals. Whereas the band has expanded into some heavy beat driven territory with the needle in the groove, on stage the band often turn things into a quasi-religious experience of drones, wails and chants that both feed off the room and ignore the audience entirely. They've evolved from early days in which I witnessed large portions of sets shouted from the interior of a cardboard box to large scale visuals and multiple member setups. The beats still find their way into the live sets but they seethe with the enchanted atmosphere of the moment, they subvert themselves to the whim of the greasy subconscious only to bump and writhe from the heart of drone. Abandon Ship has released a set from La Sala Rossa that proves just this, it is seance, it is ritual and it is epileptic dance. It is Excepter in their full bloom.

[MP3] Excepter - Creeping Around
[MP3] Excepter - Stars in a Jar

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In other Excepter news, if you haven't checked out the FRKWYS/RVNG 12" featuring a remixes of the band by Throbbing Gristle members Carter Tutti (Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti) and JG Thirlwell the accompaying videos for the tracks are below. Pick up the 12" HERE.

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Anonymous Joanna said...

This is great! Loving Stretch (JG Thirlwell Rework) around here.
I heart your blog! Probably one of the best music blogs around. Keep it coming!

11:42 AM  

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