Finally a wider (sort of) release from Jon Porras' Elm rises from the ranks of Digitalis. Porras is more commonly known as one half of the great, dark beast that is Barn Owl, and up until now Elm served as a sparser version of their barren psych incantations. Nemcatacoa finds itself more in line with Barn Owl's recent recordings and even more so with their live sound, but seems also to hold itself rightly as its own step into the abyss. Strangely spiritual without ever getting lost in the misplaced mysticism that can befall many drone-psych albums, Porras creates textural landscapes of dust and space from from choked, dry tones of feedback and then lays his devastatingly reserved guitar stirrings over the top. Porras' sound becomes so entangled in the tones of night that it seems possible his eyes have never seen the sun rise or set, merely existing between the wisps of breath and shroud of moonlight his recordings evoke. Porras weaves a wealth of instrumentation (guitar, trumpet, organ, harmonium) into a single vision of savage desperation, touching very close to the scorched Western dust odes that Earth achieved on Hex. Elm's first real masterpiece is a fierce call into the open arms of nothingness and its unsettling reply.

[MP3] Elm - Nemcatacoa
[MP3] Elm - Sacrament At Dusk

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