The Electric Bunnies

After a few 7"s on Die Stasi, Florida's Dying and Columbus Discount, the band with the cuddliest name in garage finally brings forth a full length album. Though flinging out the term garage may be pigeon holing the band all wrong, as Through The Magical Door is such a thundering, fuzz pooling tangle of psychedelic sizzle and subtle pop overtones that it would make Bill Doss and Will Cullen Hart proud. Winding its way from song to song the album shimmers with feedback and constantly dodges down rabbit holes of dark pop weirdness, then explodes with bombasts of garage fuzz before picking up a nice strum of paisley pop that'll make that album title seem applicable. Sound uneven? Yeah on paper it might seem like the band can't make up its mind but the way the tapestry of fizz is sewn together seems to make perfect sense out of so many disparate pieces. One thing's for certain though, whatever cutesy indie pop inflections are creeping into your head from the Bunnies' moniker, throw them right out that magical door right now.

[MP3] The Electric Bunnies - Psychic Lemonade
[MP3] The Electric Bunnies - A Snowman on the First Day of Spring

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Anonymous alex said...

I'm a regular reader of this blog for more than year & 1/2 and would like at this point to thank you for all your great work and effort...keep on, you blues singing raven.

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