Black To Comm

It's a good year to be climbing down the precipice of haunted electronics. Between Leyland Kirby's massive masterpiece and Marc Richter's latest offering under the Black To Comm moniker all is well in the darkened and foreboding spaces of the world... or at least as well as they can be considering the spectral circumstances. Alphabet 1968 throbs with creeping intensity and a grainy veneer of displaced nostalgia that feels more like scrambling to hold on to what's left than looking back fondly at memories. Paranoia creeps into the edges of Richter's recordings, takes hold of the lovely melodies that shimmer under the surface and twists them until their familiarity seems as creepy as it does calm. Nursery piano tinkles turn to eerie reminders of childhood lost. Elsewhere the bluster of backgrounds obfuscates string melodies until they become more entangling than beguiling. As the album progresses the disturbances grow from an inkling to a maelstrom of din and drone until blackness outlasts the light and the listener is absorbed. A wonderfully unsettling album by an unsettled pioneer.

[MP3] Black To Comm - Rauschen
[MP3] Black To Comm - Void

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