The Yolks

The air is crisp but as the summer winds down there's still more time for more 60's pocked garage. Keeping things breezy and decidedly easy, Chicago's frayed and frazzled Yolks fall right along the current Shattered/Goner garage fuzzfest that's kept the last year lo-fi and unbearably fun. Round up the usual three chord suspects and dash a bit of brash pop, a freckled tumble of organ and the recipe seems pretty much set for jangled bliss. From chord one its hard to sit still while the Yolks are on the scene. Shirts are sweated, sole's are worn thin and souls are lifted but that's all just part of the equation as far as The Yolks are concerned. This one's limited so don't miss out on that fat black lacquer. You know you'll regret it if you snooze.

[MP3] The Yolks - Jane
[MP3] The Yolks - Rambling

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Hell yes, Yolks! Thanks for sharing!

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