Turbo Fruits

When Be Your Own Pet first stumbled onto the scene people made a big deal about their age. Sure they were young and they sounded it but they weren't exactly reinventing garage pop. What they were doing was perfectly distilling the "fuck it all" attitude of youth into a ridiculously fun concoction of pop and three chord, fist pumping riffs. Sure some of that had to do with the brash persona of Jemina Pearl, who incidentally also has her own album coming out shortly, but a lot of what made the band cook was the boys in the background. Well unblur the photo, because Jonas Stein and John Eatherly have finally come for their own due. Their first album was a bit uneven, fun, but uneven. They've returned with Echo Kid to take pop, garage and punk and boil those elements down to their wide smiled common ground; then they proceed to shove them in your face and walk away laughing all the while. Not since Cheap Time has an album so perfectly distilled the folly of youth. Also big bonus points for spoofing one of the most ridiculous album covers in classic rock history. Fat Possum, do the right thing and issue this on vinyl.

[MP3] Turbo Fruits - Trouble!
[MP3] Turbo Fruits - Naked With You

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Blogger Forever Young said...

John and Max haven't been a part of Turbo Fruits for almost 2 years now. They're both in Jemina Pearl's new band. Two dudes from Nashville band The Tits took their spots.

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