Saw OM with Six Organs of Admittance last week and though my interest in the post-Sleep project had never really dissipated it may have stagnated a bit. That is until now. The addition of Grails' Emil Amos has done nothing to diminish the band's sound, and in fact his more rhythmic style has made the live show more propulsive and visceral than the band has ever been. On record, their latest album God is Good is as heavy and devastating as ever, with the only weak link being of course Cisneros' rather cringe-worthy lyrics which have dogged the band from the beginning. Still they seem to make the most out of the drum and bass (with a bit of Eastern influence mirroring Amos' work with Grails) aesthetic and continue to creep like a storm front across the unsuspecting plains with each new album that's birthed from their amplified core.

[MP3] OM - Meditation is the Practice of Death

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Blogger Matt @ Exquisite Things said...

I totally agree. I think Emil has definitely improved OMs sound. He's moved them ever so slightly beyong the drums+bass setup that they started out with.

They're a far more confident live band with him behind the kit. I saw some truly diabolical show towards the end of Haikus' stint in the band. There was just no energy to it. They both looked plain uncomfortable on stage together. I too saw them with Emil last year and it represented a massive improvement on an initially patchy live act.

Much as I enjoy 'God is good', I feel the best is still to come from these guys. They still haven't topped 'At Giza' from 'Conference of Birds'.

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