The hits keep-a-comin' on Goner this year and the second release from Chicago's CoCoComa is no exception. With their brash garage rock spilling over with pop charm, this is no lo-fi bit of scuzz and fuzz but a fully formed force of rock n' roll. Things Are Not All Right brings a bit of epic, fist-pumping fun back to the forum and it doesn't let up through any of its 10 tracks. It's everything you could possibly be looking for in under 30 minutes; clanging guitars, huge choruses and a roll of organ swelling like a seasick call to arms. Goner always leads and never follows, digging up the most authentic scraps of garage culture from the heartland to Australia and filtering it all through that down and dirty Memphis ear of theirs. Get on board or get left behind, suckers.

[MP3] CoCoComa - Suspicious
[MP3] CoCoComa - Alright, Alright, Alright

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