Rameses III

London's Rameses III have consistently eked out their own niche traversing the realms of amorphous ambient and delicate folk music. Mixing in organic instrumentation and spectral clouds of shimmer and radiance, the band gradually transports the listener to a plateau of serenity laced with a touch of longing for things left behind. The breadth of emotion that this trio is able to consistently imbue into their music is nothing short of staggering and it seems that each release brings them closer to the precipice of bliss. They've made the rounds of great labels from Important to Digitalis to 267 lattajjaa but find themselves recording for the venerable Type records yet again with I Could Not Love You More. The title in this case seems more than appropriate, the music evoking the kinds of emotions that can't be put into words and bursting with an overwhelming sense of wanting to share it with all who step near to the epicenter. Absolutely one of the most gorgeous releases of the year.

[MP3] Rameses III - The Kindness In Letting Go
[MP3] Rameses III - Accross The Lake is Where My Heart Shines

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