Grass Widow

Four more great tunes from Grass Widow on this S/T EP from where else, Captured Tracks, who seem to be scooping up talent left and right these days. Just as captivating as their Make a Mess debut, with more tightly sprung tracks that still seem to have as much bounce as they have airy beauty in their vocal interplay. Such a short release leaves a thick taste your mouth for more from this trio and not a lull in the bunch. This bunch seems to knock each release up to higher expectations and hopefully they'll come into proper acclaim for their efforts soon enough.

[MP3] Grass Widow - Black Hole

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Blogger jasego said...

A Urinals cover! I love this song! I wanted to get a band to do this.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Nick said...

I love this band, wish it wasn't so hard to get my hands on stuff here in NZ.

Great blog too!!!

7:32 PM  

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