Matt Lajoie releases yet another limited slice of shamanic folk, swirling with traces of mysticism and forest floor incantations. Les Biches was originally available as a limited run CD-r and cassette recorded in 2006 and has since been lovingly reissued as a joint venture by Time-Lag and L'animaux Tryst. On one side Lajoie's dense loops and divined melodies ache with a psychedelic burn that was evident on his earlier Digitalis release but has now blossomed into a full flame witch trial sound. The burn turns sweet on the next side, roping in the gentle strains of warm hillside folk refracted through tiny prisms. Les Biches stands as a tipping point for Cursillistas, the entry to a fully formed sound that puts Lajoie at the forefront of the acid-folk ranks. And it seems already Matt has great things on the horizon, including another LP on Digitalis and a just released split with White Light. Les Biches is housed in letter pressed sleeves with transparent insert and a bonus CD, sold out at the label but a few distros have copies so don't hesitate to pick up this beautiful piece.

[MP3] Cursillistas - Bag of Feathers
[MP3] Cursillistas - Fawns Into Does

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Blogger parallelliott said...

It's been tough keeping up with all their 2009 releases, but all that I've heard have been great.

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