Various Artists - Well Hung
Andy Votel's B-Music label continues to churn out the best of non-Western rarities and here they follow up on their reissue of Sarolta Zalatnay's work a few years back with a retrospective of Hungarian hard funk rock from the same
fertile period. Proving that some of the best music comes from the repressive regimes that forbid it, the bulk of the tracks here come from a time when the region was shrouded in communism and outwardly discouraged the influence of Western music. Though they were ultimately allowed to continue their craft, many bands were eyed warily by their government for their creation of a youth culture that was thought to run contrary to nationalistic interests. The music, though slung under the funk banner runs from heavy funk rock to more prog-styled interests and aside from the breathtaking work of Zalatnay it also sheds light on some of Hungary's best and brightest and unfortunately unheralded. From the fuzz leads of Metro to the heavy perfection of Omega and the psych clouded blasts of Hungaria; the scene was thick with talent that unfortunately missed its due in the Western world. Also grabbing sonic attention are some solo runs from this rather incestuous scene with the powerful vocals of Kati Kovacs rivaling those of Zalatnay herself. Again B-Music bring convincing arguments for the absolute necessity of music you never knew existed and afterward never knew how you could have lived without.

[MP3] Omega - Félbeszakadt Koncert
[MP3] Neoton - Nóra

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