Omnibus - Omnibus Though this New Jersey band was released on United Artists, details of their career seem fairly hard to come by. Nonetheless the record is certainly of merit, betraying the band's East Coast roots with a mix of California psych and heavy fuzz. Vocals tend to
stray into the Jim Morrison range of heavy handed bravado but without the level of pomposity and lyrical pretentiousness that came out of that camp. The rest of the album snakes along on huge stabs of organ and slippery psych forms, that while not mind blowing in the effects category, seem to be rooted in a powerful melodic rock that relies more on hardened song craft than disposable studio trickery. Omnibus are at their best when their ire rises and the standout track seems spent in the first few minutes with "The Man Song", a track very telling of the time it was written. The band or perhaps the label seems to have called it quits after this sole eponymous release and this is more than due a nice quality reissue given the music it contains.

[MP3] Omnibus - The Man Song
[MP3] Omnibus - Shake It Off

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Blogger jasego said...

Hey I just found this record in a Salvation Army store a few weeks ago. Here's the copy I found:


I was surprised at the time that this hadn't been reissued.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not bad! But I'm still partial to the jukeboxes. That last one was so good!

8:10 PM  

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