Nisennenmondai have just started to make an impact on U.S. audiences but they're already underground heroes in their native Tokyo. Garnering praise from members of Battles and Black Dice to Haino Keiji, they certainly have found themselves in good company. The trio specializes in hypnotic, circular rhythms that tumble and pulse with a relentlessness that threatens to tear loose at any moment. Synthesizing Krautrock influences through a gritty urban Tokyo filter, the group takes precision to an obsessive level and grinds it deep into your skull with their heels. Somehow they manage to feel jerkily danceable and rigidly discordant at the same time, Nisennenmondai's songs have found a brutal balance. It seems only a matter of time before the rest of the world takes notice of Nisennenmondai and their fevered brand of noise.

[MP3] Nisennenmondai - Disco

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