Meth Teeth

Meth Teeth deliver on the promises made with their early tapes and 7"s, wrapping huge riffs in a layer of gristle and gravel to keep things from getting to friendly. A few of the tracks that appeared on the Night People tape posted here a while back return on Everything Went Wrong but with a little bump in fidelity and a slight window of clarity, but mind you only slightly. As corrosive as their namesake, the band take hold of the lo-fi wave storming the tape circuit and fling it through a rickety four track, choosing off the rails charm over the simplest pleasantries. A flurry of static, a crash of bodies hitting instruments and instruments hitting instruments twists out a rusted chunk of of a record reeking of back room grunge hangover and loner squat boombox anthems.

[MP3] Meth Teeth - Never Been To Church
[MP3] Meth Teeth - Unemployment Forever

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