The Carolyn Hester Coalition - The Carolyn Hester Coalition After spending some time peddling folk of the Joan Baez variety, Carolyn Hester took a stab at psychedelia. Though the results don't exactly run to the most original avenues, Hester takes a nice stab at the softer side
of psych. Largely noted as being one of the first to make steps towards the commercialization of folk, the career move doesn't seem particularly unnatural considering a burgeoning emphasis at the time on the hippie movement in general. The songs that stand the strongest are those that stray from Carolyn's straight folk path. She seemed to take naturally to the pop psych format and you know I'm a sucker for a good dose of fuzz when it comes my way. This was to be the beginning of the end for Hester's career and until recently the CHC albums were fetching mild amounts on the collector's market due to limited availability. A nice shot of sunny psych but not really touching the heights reached but Linda Perhacs, Affinity, The US of A, etc.

[MP3] The Carolyn Hester Coalition - Be Your Baby
[MP3] The Carolyn Hester Coalition - The Journey

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need more hits of the jukebox's fuzz-drenched garage rock and roll! This stuff is good but it doesn't hit the spot like the Jukebox does

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