Another batch from the HoZac Hookup Klub has arrived and again a few gems lie within. Definitely worth the sticker price on this subscription series.

White Mystery – HoZac Hookup Klub 7" First and best is the entry from Chicago's White Mystery. Featuring Miss Alex White, who has torn things up in bands around Chicago and on In The Red for years. Here Alex is joined by her brother and the fluffy red hair gets flying with stripped down, raw
garage pop that sounds like some of the best she's turned out yet. After hearing this 7" my hopes are high that there's a full length in the works.

[MP3] White Mystery - Powerglove

Support the artist. Buy it HERE(sold out)

Art Thieves – HoZac Hookup Klub 7" Art Thieves take the prize in the design department this time around but lose the battle of fidelity. Blown out< and fuzzy don't even do this justice as the band grinds and pummels its way through two brutally jagged tracks. Steamrollin' like it was
their second nature and unapologetic all the way through, some how you've got to respect them for that.

[MP3] Art Theives - Mona Lisa

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (sold out)

Mother of Tears – HoZac Hookup Klub 7"
Mother of Tears seem to have taken a page out of the melodic grunge songbook and both songs, but especially the b-side here, seem to recall the FM radio circa 1993. Wrap it in flannel and post-mark it Seattle.

[MP3] Mother of Tears - In The Morning

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (sold out)

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Anonymous White Mystery said...

Thanks from White Mystery. You can e-mail us at white.mystery.band@gmail.com

New tunes here: http://www.coachhousesounds.com/whitemystery/index.htm

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