Zola Jesus

Zola and Sacred Bones cross paths once again, this time for a full length record that gives Nika Danilova a bit more room to stretch her haunting pop instincts. Just as with past releases, Danilova’s voice remains the most enchanting piece of the Zola Jesus puzzle, but here, though it still floats above a frayed and sometimes scorched drizzle of subconscious pop, it spends less time peaking in from the edges and allows itself to crawl to the forefront. Danilova has always taken a cue from the worn cassette school of noise-pop and The Spoils stays true to her colors in that respect but the textures seem deeper on this one, more corrosive; buzzing and scraping away while still acting as a pedestal for that powerful croon of hers. Packed up in the ubiquitous SB 12” design, though I think Gary War may have put her to shame in the design department from this round (a straight face shot’s just a little ho-hum, no?)

[MP3] Zola Jesus - Crowns
[MP3] Zola Jesus - Clay Bodies

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