Sun Araw

Cameron Stallones continues his swampy journey to the heart of the sun, melting a plastic sheet of psychedelia over the beach and pulling the heart of the African jungle up to the seashore. Throbbing with a beleaguered stomp and still flailing some wah into the skanking heart of dub, Cameron proves that pulse slowing vibes are the cure for pretty much anything. Heavy Deeds opens with a little dub-funk with swayed vocals that show edges of his Vibes project bleeding back into SA but the two share enough common ground that I'd be hard pressed to tell who's influencing who these days. The guitar crust of his early days ekes its way back into the fold on this release more than it has on any of his records since The Phynx but its a tempered burn that meshes itself well into the chest rattling pulse of spring-reverbed synth that swells at the core of the record. Now if you pinned me down I'd have to admit that I'm a sucker for pretty much everything that Stallones and co. do, but bias aside this stands as a rather essential release for the oncoming swelter of summer.

[MP3] Sun Araw - Hustle and Bustle

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Blogger Yair Yona said...

Sounds brilliant!
Reminds me a bit of Steven R Smith's dense sound.

Thanks for a great post.

10:18 AM  

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