So I'm not one much for tributes but it seems a shame to let one of the garage greats fall without notice. For all his eccentricities (see the YaHoWa years) Sky Saxon was a welcome voice in the halls of garage punk history. Sad to see him pass. Screw moments of silence... turn these up!

[MP3] The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard (live)
Well it seems only fitting to start things off with the track that keeps The Seeds in the peripheral of the masses. A nice live version of the Nugget that probably sparked interest in many a Seeds fans.

[MP3] The Seeds - Girl I Want You
One of the best things about Sky and The Seeds was the element of danger that they were able to impart to their music. This track seethes with a lasciviousness that's only underscored by the throbbing fuzz and unhinged organ. Pure Seeds.

[MP3] The Seeds - Pretty Girl
Still never let it be said that The Seeds didn't have their pure rock n' roll side. The band grew out of the garage explosion only to eventually lay the ground for so many punks to come. But I'll be damned if they can't still lay down good old R&B that cooks.

[MP3] The Seeds - Lose Your Mind
But in the end even the great spirit of rock n' roll couldn't help but be swayed by The Seeds' energy. Given a standard Bo Diddly shuffle, the band could still make it decidedly their own. From the opening vocal strains its all Seeds - reedy, rough and raw.

[MP3] The Seeds - One More Time Blues
There was a great Seeds box set out (from which quite a few of these are culled) and one of the greatest aspects of that box was that it showed the blues spirit that ran through The Seeds. They could break it open and kick the fuzz when they needed too but when it came to the blues nobody could deny that the band could simmer as well.

[MP3] Ya Ho Wa 13 - I Thought I Am
Sky spent much time in an around The Source Family and Ya Ho Wa 13 and remained a believer to his dying day. So in this spirit, its only fitting to let the Family send him off. Take care Sky.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great band, Sky Saxon is one of the heroes of rock and roll.

And post more of the jukeboxes! I like the Re-Released things as well, but can you at least alternate them?

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Blogger Yair Yona said...

Great post man.

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