Silver Bullets

From the first strains of Free Radical there's a certain kinship with Magic Lantern that reveals itself; heavy drones, Kruautrock locked rhythms and delightful haze spread over the top like a psychedelic garnish. So it should come as no surprise that this comes to us from William Giacchi's Phil French's (Magic Lantern/Super Minerals) Stunned Records. The Italian psych unit steps to the same precipice that French and the boys have been staring down for a few years and launches an expedition deep into the heart of swamp riddled heaviness. As if we could even keep up around here with all the side projects sprouting off of this band as it stands, now they're recruiting overseas? And recruit the best at that, here's hoping there's more to be found in this Italian garden of lysergic thunder because a single, small press cassette only whets the appetite. Label's sold out but a few distros may have some in stock.

[MP3] Silver Bullets - Black Leaf
[MP3] Silver Bullets - 74 Dream

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