Silk Flowers

It seems that if the kids don't have sand in their shorts, they're taking an acetylene torch to a set of keys instead. The latest in a line of melted mechanic key jockeys is PPM's Silk Flowers. Built from the collaboration of members of Soiled Mattress and the Springs, Car Clutch and Corpse Kisser; the band have taken an amusing gothic touch to the noisier end of synth tone waggling. Chugging electronics sputter alongside erupting purple and black tones that are as gothic as velvet curtains and twice as lush. The most distinct quality of Silk Flowers though seems to be the low syupy croon of Aviram Cohen who keeps things surprisingly un-effected and turns out all the better for it. Aviram's vocals are so low and slow that their first 7" confounded my choice of speeds for a good couple minutes before deciding that the sounds coming from his mouth were indeed natural at molasses setting. The band has even drawn some fan/collaboration from the likes of Gang Gang Dance's Brian Degraw who worked up a pretty great video for album closer "Shadows in Daylight" Check it out HERE.

[MP3] Silk Flowers - Night Shades
[MP3] Silk Flowers - Flash of Light

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