Sacramento's Mayyors sling out a 12" full of brutality and then run it over with a car just because the love you.

Mayyors – Deads 12" Last year saw a couple of Mayyors singles pop up and then disappear almost instantly, but the left a bit of a blistered wreckage in their path. Now the band has unleashed Deads and though its a bit more well rounded, its no less a harrowing experience. Loud as hell
and frayed like the remnants of a drunken argument, the 12" smacks you each time you look away. Though it was pressed in a larger (by Mayyors standards) run of 500, those too seem to be slipping away, but grab one if you can because each gristle cover was personally run over by a car to ensure that not only is it harsh on your ears but on your hands and possibly your furniture as well. Charming!

[MP3] Mayyors - Clicks

Support the artist. Buy it uh... wherever you can find it. (possibly eBay by now)

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nice jam, bro

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