Richard Skelton

Though Skelton is no newcomer to the avant-classical landscape, this is the first time he's appeared on a recording under his own name. He may appear more familiar when in the context of names like A Broken Consort or Landings, but on his solo outing for Type he's no less engrossing. With a gentle sadness and slight twinge of sourness, Skelton is able to translate a sense of loss that's not really come across in some of his previous works. Strings pull and scrape, pluck and bow with such emotion that it seems that Skelton has felt a lifetime of emotions and channeled them immediately onto one album, thereby passing the weight of that world onto you. Marking Time floats comfortably on the edge of uneasiness letting the listener dip back and forth between self reflection and self doubt. This one's pretty limited but definitely worth tracking down.

[MP3] Richard Skelton - Fold
[MP3] Richard Skelton - Heys

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