Meth Teeth

Portland's Meth Teeth show a darker, grittier side of themselves on this Night People re-release of their Indian Spirits Demo (listed here as a S/T cassette). The band has previously issued a 7" on Sweet Rot and has a ramshackle debut scheduled on Woodsist but here they subdue their catchiness a bit in favor of a few driving nuggets that spread thick. Overtones of nineties luminaries crouch in guitar lines that lay back lazy but still topple listeners with their leaden sheen and subtle crackle. The tape is a good entry point to a band that has only cracked their sound wide open from here. Chances are, as with most of the label's releases these days, that Woodsist LP is going to be a winner.

[MP3] Meth Teeth - I Was Wrong

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Blogger John said...

i normally like all of your postings (Thanks!) but this song sucks. sorry.

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