Little Claw

Little Claw return with another album riding along the Sonic Youth highway, basked in a lovely sheen of distortion and fury. Human Taste eschews just a bit of the melodicism that underscored Spit and Squalor... and dives deeper into the scraggly noise side of the noise pop spectrum, though under the storm of amplifier squeal there still beats a heart of pop. Its as if Little Claw build songs, stand back and access them and then hack, chip, blast and kick away at them until they finally yield, then kick them bloodied and battered out the door. Human Taste leaves you agitated and punchy, equally ready to fight or slump to the floor with a gritty hangover of palpable unrest burning in your teeth. Whatever they're doing, they're doing it right, that's for certain. Ecstatic Peace has picked up the CD duties this time and Not Not Fun is scheduled to release the LP soon; not such bad credentials if you ask me.

[MP3] Little Claw - Modern Vampire
[MP3] Little Claw - Human Taste (Below The Tide)

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