The Jacks - Vacant World
Long regarded one of the most important Japanese psychedelic albums, Vacant World is much moodier and emotionally strained than its British and American counterparts. There still exists a reliance on fuzz and tremolo as
crutch effects but the record has an atmospheric tone that isn't always present on some of its domestic kin. Though sung entirely in Japanese (which may account for its lack of crossover to an English-speaking audience) the lyrical content it dark and philosophical, with the title track being banned from airplay at the time of its release for being too dark. Yoshio Hayakawa's vocals are impassioned to the point of pleading with the audience, adding to the desperate psychedelic tone of the album. The band followed it up with a lack-luster and appropriately ill-received album before disbanding. But despite their short career, this album is still counted amongst the greatest Japanese releases and continues to be an influence on younger generations.

[MP3] The Jacks - Gloomy Flower
[MP3] The Jacks - Vacant World

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