I’m often bewildered that when mention of Monterrey’s burgeoning music scene is made, Los Llamaradas seem to nab all the attention but little glory is ever bestowed upon XYX. Perhaps that’s soon to change.

XYX – Momento Acido Contemporaneo 7" Sharing a love for noise with their oft praised brethren, XYX instead roll this chaotic squeal into a high strung ball of elastic energy. The title track bounces with an underlying reverence to post-punk but threatens to derail any sultry
momentum with a barbed attack of fists and frets. "Circo, TX." drapes a metallic sludge onto the band’s frantic pummel and they crank the urgency to emergency levels to close out the single. Hopefully soon the band will rally these energies into a full length.

[MP3] XYX - Momento Acido Contemporaneo

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