Gary War

Making a not so distant leap from SHDWPLY to the brothers in arms at Sacred Bones, Gary War continues to blaze a murky trail through the battlefield of pop. His latest, Horribles Parade, is brimming with watery pop songs that each feel as if a pair of gills might better help you understand the situation at hand. Further striking out on his own tangent of the clouded consciousness school of synth pop, though the underlying basics of War's songs are firmly rooted in attention to detail and layers of production the end results are carefully shrouded, molded and melted into a sound that feels lo-fi only on first listen. Repeated takes bring you further and deeper into War's world, refracted through the shimmering blues and greens of stained glass and liquid, filtered ever so slightly with the strains of distant sun above. Housed in the now instantly recognizable Sacred Bones style LP jacket screened in a brilliant blue on black and the CD version contains some bonus cuts that will appear on an upcoming Captured Tracks 12".

[MP3] Gary War - No Payoff
[MP3] Gary War - Orange Trails

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Thanks for posting these songs. Totally amazing!

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