Franco Battiato - Pollution
An Italian songwriter, whose works strayed far into the fields of space rock and prog with a heavy emphasis on the VCS3 Synthesizer. The album builds slowly from a bit of an overture and some grandiose sound effects into its heart which
touches on the kind of atmospherics later favored by the core of the Harvest Label in the 70's. Many of this set, along with players like Frank Zappa were said to have been fans of Battiato and in his own country the album even cracked the top 10 around the time of its release. Sure there's pomposity, no prog album ever really escapes this, but Battiato also had a sense of space and texture that have been picked up by many followers, not the least amongst the post-rock wave that hit around the late 90's. Battiato continued a long career both in Italy and with some cultural success abroad, though his sound has migrated far from these rather interesting prog roots.

[MP3] Franco Battiato - Il Silenzio Del Rumore
[MP3] Franco Battiato - Areknames

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