Box Elders

Stripping the fidelity off of mid-60's teeny-bopper pop, Nebraska's Box Elders deliver a garage gem that's full of head bobbing pep and damn near squeezable melodies. Rattle-trap drums pop and crash behind the heartfelt garage pop of the McIntyre brothers. Slip a single cut of "stay" into a beat up sleeve and drop it into a mixed bin of 45s and you'd probably convince quite a few diggers they've found a long lost gem; conjuring up images of clean cut matching suits and monochrome sets. Elsewhere the boys pepper in bits of surf, an organ playing drummer and a swinging rumble of bass to drive the pulse and a pretty sweet record is born.

[MP3] Box Elders - Jackie Wood
[MP3] Box Elders - Stay

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Anonymous Jamie said...

I love these guys. This is so great

6:02 PM  
Blogger John said...

i agree, great stuff. thanks raven!

5:51 PM  

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