Blues Control

With an explosion of sweat riddled rock and soul that befits their name, Blues Control blast open their latest album with a gritty stomper that's the most balls out thing they've recorded since their first cassette. They even pull in the aid of Jesse Trbovich and Kurt Vile on horns. Its like some James Brown shit up in here. But while this first bit of rock bombast sets the tone for the album to come, it’s not in the ways you might imagine. The whole album seems to ride the wave of a drug overdose. Following that first blast of smoke and wild revelry that opens the album there begins a slow and murky descent into oblivion. "On Through the Night" begins with washy ease but builds to a doom tinged nervous din before it releases itself into a steamy pulse that melts into the floor. Then the real calmness takes over with a languid piano fever that bridges its way to the otherworldliness of closer "Tangier," leaving you feeling as out of place as ever and floating blind in the ether. Russ and Lea have really played up the synth impulses of Blues Control here while at the same time boiling down their influences to a wonderful psychedelic puddle, revealing a cohesiveness that makes Local Flavor their most realized work yet.

[MP3] Blues Control - Good Morning

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Anonymous westmont said...

if the rest of the record is as good as that one song, then this will be a killer record. thanks for the preview.

8:42 PM  

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