The Thing

So The Thing have returned and with an unlikely choice at the helm of their new album - Steve Albini, whose self professed disdain for jazz seems to have healed I suppose. Not that The Thing are the most traditional of jazz choices as they remain in the free end of that genre and have a love for reinterpretations of rock songs but still you know, jazz on some level here Stevie. The band rip through a couple of excellently contrasting choices including Albert Ayler's "Angels" and The Ex' "Hidegen Fujinaka Szelek." The trio explode songs from the inside out, thrashing and hashing no matter what genre the original stemmed from and in the end they all end up property of The Thing. I'm pretty much a sucker for any project involving Paal Nilsen-Love, whose drumming absolutely crushes most competitors out there jazz or jazz and his rhythmic musings carry Bag It! along on a chaotic ride. Albini does well staying out of the way and letting the musicians own the room which to his credit is usually what Albini does best and in the end this is probably one of the trio's most accomplished works. Plus for the free jazz purists the band includes a bonus CD of a thirty minute session also with Albini at the helm called "Beef Brisket." Something for everyone!

[MP3] The Thing - Drop the Gun
[MP3] The Thing - Snusvisan

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