Rondos - Destroy The Entertainment
Aside from being known for their political rants and conflicts with CRASS, Dutch communist punks Rondos laid down some nicely twitchy pieces of stripped down, angry rock in the late 70's. The band
has been cited as an influence to later Dutch masters like The Ex and you can certainly hear a bit of their grating take on rock in the Rondos ramblings. This vinyl reissue tacks together some singles and live sides but most importantly gives new life to their Red Attack LP a sorely overlooked rough piece of punk history. Biting takes on capitalism, nihilism and the like but with a nice bit of Wire wrought rubbery bass and pulled teeth guitar stringing. Naturally this kind of thing couldn't keep up forever and the Rondos split but at least now the proper documents are in place to remember that it did.

[MP3] Rondos - I Got No Time
[MP3] Rondos - Countdown & Twist

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