Hubble Bubble - Hubble Bubble
Named after Turkish Hookahs (also known as Narghile) you'd peg the band for psych terrain, but wrong you'd be as Hubble Bubble were one of Belgium's... ne Europe's great lost early punk bands. The were raw, but with a ridiculously amiable power
pop spirit giving them an endearingly catchy quality that makes these songs stand out against the angstier strands of 80's punk. The band's self-deprecation and humor find their way into the record but without ever straying into the silly side of things, just an odd shot of goofball punk with killer buzzing guitars. The band produced one other album, also available on Radio Heartbeat before dissolving but their drummer/vocalist Roger “Junior” Juret gained more notoriety in new wave circles as Plastic Bertrand. Both Radio Heartbeat reissues are well worth your hard earned cash and reissued in fine style.

[MP3] Hubble Bubble - Freaks...Out
[MP3] Hubble Bubble - New Promotion

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