Cold Cave

Ah finally the icy fingers of Cold Cave have delivered an album, this time on the band's own imprint Heartworm Press. On Love Comes Close the band seems to have found a true balance between their Whitehouse noise instincts and their 80's synth veneer. Burbling with a restless energy that erupts in fits of carcinogenic static over tempered beats but just as often giving way to the kind of coldly melancholy synth pop that streaks the windows of the darkest teenage bedrooms; the album seems to be the final step forward into a perfect synthesis for the band. The latter bit of locked door pop is best exemplified in the album's title track which will sound familiar to anyone who picked up the previous Ruby and Etsel 12". A few other limited wax favorites make appearances but are woven into the context of the album so seamlessly that it hardly seems that any of these existed out of the context of each other. So many bands seem to hold a candle for the lost neon streaks of the me generation, but by cutting away at the best bits of the noise and synth undergrounds, Cold Cave seem to have done it with some of the most satisfying results.

[MP3] Cold Cave - Life Magazine
[MP3] Cold Cave - Love Comes Close

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, thanks!

9:24 PM  
Blogger Holly said...

This is great,, thanks!

BTW, anyone else notice the similarity between Cold Cave's own Love Comes Close & Our Tears Help the Flowers Grow & Q Lazzarus' _Goodbye Horses_ (aka the Silence of the Lambs song)? ;-)
Which is not a bad thing...

10:39 PM  

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