Bobby Ubangi

The pride of Atlanta, Bobby Ubangi, has stepped out from behind The Lids and Gay Blades to release a solo LP, though for a solo LP this thing's got a whole lotta collaborators. Cropping up on the twelve tracks that crank out in under 25 minutes, are King Khan, Cole and Jared from Black Lips, Gentleman Jesse and a few other miscreants from the current garage 'splosion. Frantic and sugar dipped, Ubangi rattles the lo-fi strings like a seasoned veteran, along the way spitting tales of love and loss and keeping your heart beating like a scrappy snare drum. Fidelity's no object, just a short and sweet romp through the past 40 or so years of garage forefathers wrapped up in a wonderfully whimsical cover. Bobby was diagnosed with Stage IV Small Cell Lung Cancer last year and the Atlanta community has rallied around him to help out with the rather sizeable expenses that come with treatment. You can donate to the Bobby Ubangi Preservation Fund and help out HERE

[MP3] Bobby Ubangi - Where The Old Folks Go (to Get Down)
[MP3] Bobby Ubangi - Not My Fault

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE
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Blogger Andrew said...

Thank you for posting the link to the donation site, all of us in the Atlanta community are really pulling for this guy.

8:17 PM  

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