Another gem of a 7” from the ranks of Sacred Bones. Timmy Vulgar of Human Eye/Clone Defects ventures out on his own and gives the singer-songwriter idiom a kick in the pants.

Timmy’s Organism – Squeeze The Giant 2x7" Holding up the torch of the demented, Timmy mixes just the right amount of spastically frayed punk and Beefhartian frazzle to make things interesting. 5 tracks sprawl across two 7”s with creeping, jerking and curiously enlightening
results. Timmy’s not totally tied to genre but all his songs seem to have some sort of uneasy snake oil running through their veins and that gold toothed smile pulls you just as close as it repels.

[MP3] Timmy’s Organism - Body of Love

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Blogger Chaz said...

such an awesome, awkward 2x7"!

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