Quest for Fire

Following the untimely demise of The Deadly Snakes, ex Snakes Andrew and Chad hooked up with members of Cursed to bring a new project to fruition. The result was much less garage than the former and much less metal than the latter but the mix swirls nicely into a froth of psych-bent rock that pushes itself out into the space rock frontier. The band leans on the epic front with most tracks working their way easily past the 6 and 7 minute marks but they use their time wisely, building slow burners rather than wandering into endless noodling or sloppy excess. The S/T debut is soaked through in an analog shimmer that feels like sinking into a musty basement couch; comfortable and worn with years of experience holding it together and probably more than a few cigarette burns giving it character. From the sounds of the album I'd imagine that the band could really pull this together into one hell of a live show. Hopefully they'll roll through so I can find out.

[MP3] Quest for Fire - Bison Eyes
[MP3] Quest for Fire - Strange Waves

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