A mixed bag in the Jukebox this week. To be sure there's plenty of fuzz but also a cool bit of haze. Some names that might be familiar and others not so, but all with that scrappy bit of swagger that gives 60's garage its undeniable pull.

[MP3] Shadows of Knight - Gospel Zone
One of my favorite Shadows tracks that despite its name, has not a trace of gospel in it. On the contrary, its a hard shuffle with a nice mid section breakdown. Bring on the handclaps. Can't stress hard enough how underrated this band was.

[MP3] The Shag - Stop and Listen
Holy freakin' fuzz!! This one starts off with a foghorn blast of the stuff and kicks into a nice chug early on. Add a spacey chorus and some wicked strums and that's a pretty sweet little slice of garage.

[MP3] The Conqueroo - 1 To 3
The Conqueroo bring things way down with a slow and steady beat to start things out and then explode into string stranglin' chorus. They definitely bring a dose of cool charm to the garage, no teen antics here just calm and collected precision garage.

[MP3] Road - You Rub Me The Wrong Way
Well hey, Road is here to bring the fuzz back again. Scattershot drums and a nice little bit of background vox chiming in there but still its that evil dose of FUZZ that absolutely makes this track burn.

[MP3] Sean and The Brandywines - She Ain't No Good
It just wouldn't be a jukebox if there wasn't a tale of a no good woman, man the garage set was fixated on that subject. Sean and his bunch regale the tale in a melodic fashion, high in harmonies and a nice bluesy chug.

[MP3] Lyrics - So What
Speaking of bluesy, Lyrics bring the garage-blues in a big way. Harmonica full on and out front and that raspy delivery giving the blues a snotty howl. This is the height of flippant yet potent garage right here.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! I much prefer these to those re-discovered album things you usually do. Please do more of these jukeboxes

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