More fuzzy damaged lumps from Gulcher, the label that has brought you Kurt Vile and Magik Markers in the past. In this tradition Meercaz don't disappoint. Brimming with blown speakers and harsh static, Meercaz file garage down to its raw primitive roots; fizzling, grooving and even sleigh belling away at times on this record. They throw in bits of glam and tidbits of pop for effect every now and then but at heart this is a growling shot of heavy, fuzz laden garage with nods to the forefathers of heavy alt. Gulcher knows how to bring the best moments of the nineties floating back on the winds of their current roster and Meercaz fulfills this prophecy with precision. Not exactly breaking ground but at the same time this is the kind of aggressive rock your life has been missing of late. Feel the urge to pump a fist and get sweaty while the 'caz is playing.

[MP3] Meercaz - Trouble Hand
[MP3] Meercaz - Future News

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