Curt Newbury - Half a Month of May Days
Curt Newbury cut one album of slightly acid-tinged folk in the early 70's with members of RSTB fave Kaleidoscope (U.S.) before shying away from music. Unfortunately Kaleidoscope didn't bring as much of
their psychedelia to the plate but what remains mixes with Newbury's plaintive folk style into a rather pretty bit of 70's singer-songwriter fodder. Curt touches on the staples of love and Vietnam which couldn't help but slip into the music considering the time frame on this one but his pleasing voice and the expertise of the backing musicians make this seem not such a dated artifact. Following this album Curt moved on to photography instead of music with questionable results but this album remains, not necessarily a classic, but certainly an overlooked album worth revisiting. Fallout has currently reissued it in its original form.

[MP3] Curt Newbury - Christ. How Easy Could it Be
[MP3] Curt Newbury - Private Jackson Regrets

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting material. There's something really charming about 60's folk that seems to be impossible to fully replicate.


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