Wooden Shjips

The Shjips have returned from the West with another slab of amplifier smoke; rumbling with electric thunder and crackling with current. Though not as outwardly heavy as those original singles, the band have kept their ear to the overwhelming groove that burns under all their songs; propelling that strange sense of throb and sway that buoys the torrent of guitar eruptions. Detractors are still going to nail Ripley's vocals for hitting the same detached timbre as the Doors but aside from the mere sound of his voice the similarities will always end there. Wooden Shjips are urging the heads to dance, or at least move which would be something of a feat out here in NY. But whether the effect is undertaken remains irrelevant, the band's already laid down the path to hazy momentum so its up to all of us to let go and follow. Here's to hoping that the second album leads to more touring, as the one time I saw them play out here it was even more awesome off record. Catche 'em if you can.

[MP3] Wooden Shjips - For So Long

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