A whole bunch of good things have been streaming out of the Captured Tracks camp lately with 12"s from Blessure Grave, Dum Dum Girls and The Bitters. But the label's been doing just as well in 45 as they have in 33 and these singles certainlly prove it.

Woods - Sunlit 7"
Strangely enough the most memorable track on this one winds up being the B-side but "Sunlit" doesn't necessarily disappoint. It's a nice bit of fuzzy Woods pop and both of these tracks could easily have found their way onto Songs of Shame. B-Side, "The Dark,"
has made its way around the internetal channels and its definitely ensconced at the top of Woods output. Despite its shadowed title its also probably one of the brightest tracks they've ever recorded. This is the essential companion piece to their last album and it wouldn't be complete without it.

[MP3] Woods - The Dark

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Brilliant Colors - Highly Evolved 7"
Keeping things simple, Brilliant Colors bang out lo-fi goodness on their second single. Tight with the Nodzzz folks, and running in the same endearingly charming styles - though nowhere near as spastic - the band strum, stumble and bang their
way through great tracks. Again here, its the B-Side that catches my attention more than the namesake but hey who am I to complain. Good songs are good songs.

[MP3] Brilliant Colors - Takes So Little

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. The b-side on the Brilliant Colors 7" is much better. Highly Evolved doesn't do much for me.

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