The latest in a long line of Jacuzzi Boys singles brings them together with another current RSTB fave, Woven Bones; A pretty perfect pairing in our books and both bands seem to use the opportunity to keep things decidedly easy going.

Jacuzzi Boys/ Woven Bones - Split 7"
The boys lay down one of their most low-key tracks yet, but don't think for a second that slowed tempos mean they lose any of their patented swagger. Sippin' slow and watchin' the clouds roll by, "The Countess"
hits like 4 pm Sunday afternoon drinking. On the flip, the Bones kick it up a bit, but not by a stretch. Locking into an easy chug, the track brings the quiet cool; never trying too hard but always knowing that you're impressed. Woven Bones have a bunch on the horizon which is excellent news in our opinion. Look out for another Needless 7", a single on Sweet Rot and an upcoming record from HoZac (yeah pretty excited about that last one!)

[MP3] Jacuzzi Boys - The Countess

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